Company Introduce

One of the most experienced feather and down manufactures with widespread operations.
Company Introduce

Hangzhou Yongfeng Down Products Co., Ltd. is a washed down and bedding manufacturing company that prides ourselves on being able to offer the quality products at very competitive prices.

We specialize in using down and feather as our primary manufacturing raw material. The company is located in Xiaoshan Suoqian Industry Zone, which is called hometown of feather and down. It is only one hundred kilometers away from Shanghai and Ningbo.

Our company, lead by Zhongqi Zhang, who has 20 years' experience in doing down business. We are careful about selecting good quality material used to manufacture washed down, down products, and other beddings. Our production divisions include the washed down workshop, finished products workshop, and computer-control sewing workshop.

Our mission statement is excellent in quality, service and reputation. We sincerely welcome you to join us and establish a good trading relationship together.

Our Factory Layout

Washed down and feather main Factory: Xiaoshan, Zhejiang

  • 2 wash lines, 8 sets of separators (1-6 chambers)
  • 2500 MT capacity

Washed down and feather in Anhui:

  • Yilaika factory
  • 1 wash lines, 8 sets of separators (1-6 chambers
  • 1000 MT capacity

Bedding products factory:

  • xiaoshan,Zhejiang

Our Farm

We have Sourcing company in Shandong, guangxi, hunan,anhui,north china.

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The Process of Down and Feather Produce

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